Crochet Lipstick + Other Instagram Moments...

These are just a few colorful and joyful moments that I shared on Instagram over the past few weeks. Recently I started a "see it, crochet it" creative challenge for myself. As a result I have crocheted a few tubes of lipstick and a surprisingly soft cactus. I have a long list of random items that I want to transform into crochet! I'm excited to see where this challenge goes. I am just letting my imagination run with it. Nothing is will all be turned to crochet. Haha.

I'm also thankful for a beautiful birthday celebration in August, getting even more excited about my book launch, being a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding, rejoicing with friends, celebrating community, and preparing for my #MollieTakeover this week!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. What are you excited about these days? Travel plans? New projects? I would love to hear!

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