With Lavender & Lace Vintage

One of the best parts about my trip to Norfolk, VA was spending time in my friend Kelsie's beautiful shop, With Lavender & Lace Vintage.

First of all, the sign for her shop is one of the best I've ever seen! It is just so unique and looks so dreamy all covered in ivy. From the moment I stepped inside I was overwhelmed with beautiful vintage frocks and sweet vignettes of unique treasures. I truly enjoyed browsing the racks of clothes illuminated by my favorite round bulb string lights. Kelsie really knows how to style her products in a beautiful way! I kept muttering to myself, "Oh my, I love that shelf...wow look at those crates..."  I love it when a shop owner goes the extra mile to create an environment that is inspiring for the customer. It is an art form and a beautifully styled shop always gets my creative wheels turning.

I truly admire all of the hard work and passion it gets to open a storefront! Kelsie is such an inspiration to me. The idea of opening a store of my own has appealed to me for years. Who knows if that is the direction I will take but I love hearing about how Kelsie got started and the amount of work she puts into every single day.

If you are ever in Norfolk, Kelsie's shop is the place to be! Thank you for allowing me to shoot these film photos in your lovely space.