Norfolk Botanical Garden on Film

After years of using my Pentax camera and 35mm film, I still get so nervous waiting for the photos to develop. There is always the chance that the snapshots will become victims of possible film fatalities. Overexposure, underexposure...who knows what will happen! Thankfully, during my recent visit to Norfolk, my film photos turned out better than I could have ever dreamed. Most of that has to do with the fact that the beautiful and talented Kelsie was behind the camera for a few of the shots. She has some serious skills! The lighting in the first photo she captured is amazing!

I am so happy I was able to spend the day with her in the nearly empty botanical gardens, taking pictures and exploring, all while wearing the most beautiful vintage dress of all time. Even in the heat and humidity, we had a wonderful adventure and I am so thankful to have these memories from our day together.

I knew Kelsie was an amazing woman and friend before I met her in person. After spending a few days with her in Norfolk, I am proud to say from experience that she is truly one of a kind and has such a big heart. While we were getting ready to head out to the gardens, she pulled out the dress I am wearing above and said I should try it on. I've never worn such a beautiful vintage dress! It made me feel so confident. When we returned to her apartment, I felt a little sad as I carefully hung the dress back up amongst her other vintage treasures. However, as I was getting ready to leave for the airport a few days later, Kelsie blew me away by giving me this beautiful dress as a gift. She gave it to me with some of the kindest words I have heard in a long time. I wish I had a recording device at that moment because, due to exhaustion and emotions, I can barely remember everything she said. All I know is that her generosity made me cry tears of joy. I am so blessed to know her and call her friend.

Thank you Kelsie for your giving heart and capturing these precious photo memories with me.

Stay tuned for more photos of Kelsie's beautiful shop and more adventures in Norfolk. I just love how they all turned out. I hope you are having a great week so far!