March Memory Mood Board

I've always had a special affection for the month of April. When I was seven, my parents took me to the shelter to adopt my first kitten. I was feeling particularly clever that day and decided, "Hey...this is the month of April, right? Let's name the cat April!". Almost 16 years later, April (the cat) is still here. She's just a little crankier than the day we first met. Haha.

All that being said....hey, April! I can't believe this month is here already.  Time feels like it is flying by and yet, some days, it feels like I'm standing still. Thankfully I had a pretty amazing and memory-filled March. It is such a blessing to have the ability to visit new cities and meet new people. These are a few bits and pieces I collected last month...

Counterclockwise from the top left:

- A portrait from street artist Ray Ray Mitrano in Austin, TX.

- A perler bead watermelon.

- Postcards from Boston. I recently went on a trip to visit my friend Danielle! Such a fun time.

- A glorious skein of yarn my parents bought for me during their recent vacation to California. I will always accept yarn in the place of snow globes, magnets, and your standard souvenirs...who's with me??

- Film photos from Boston. (A Boston post is coming soon, too!)

- I need a little inspiration and courage these days. This "You Go Girl" print I found at Renegade by Frameworthy Designs will help me remember I don't need to be "scurred".

- A teeny basket of yarn and a moody Instax of me.

- Business cards from Renegade Craft Fair (I have a full blog post from my Austin trip coming soon!)

- A hand brooch from Boston and a hand dish for my rings from my best friend! I can't get enough of the hand motif.

Ah...March. You were a little bit crazy but it was definitely worth it! I am excited to see what the new month will bring. What were some of your favorite memories from last month? Go on any fun trips? I have all kinds of photos that I can't wait to share from my trips to Austin and Boston.

Oh, and no...I didn't just visit Austin and Boston because they rhyme.

A tour of rhyming cities...I could be onto something. ;)