New (Old) Finds

Swan planters, head vases, cat brooches…oh my! Apparently a little old lady has taken over my body and is filling my life with knickknacks. Eh, who am I kidding…there is no old woman to blame. It’s just me. The local thrift stores and vintage shops have just been too good lately! So good that I am on the edge of becoming the crazy-crocheting-cat-lady-hoarder that scares all of the neighborhood kids. For my sanity and the well-being of my wallet, the shops might need to start locking their doors at the sight of me. Or I could stop by and browse just one more time…

I don’t have a problem, do I?

Well, problem or not, I am so happy with these treasures.  I wanted to add some greenery to my apartment but I never imagined stumbling upon such cute planters for a couple of succulents. I have always loved swans, so this planter is definitely one of my favorite finds ever! It is the perfect home for colorful cacti. Oh yeah…and this amazing head vase? Apparently these ladies are very expensive most of the time. My vase is slightly damaged, but not enough to really notice. Bonus…she was only $10! I will take that over $80 any day. Her succulent hat is so elegant.

I stumbled upon this $5 needlepoint during a random thrift store trip. I would have spent $5 on the gold frame alone! I can’t wait to hang it on my wall.


Last but not least, my brooch collection has nearly doubled in the past few weeks. When I spot a unique brooch sitting inside a glass case, I point, squeal, and tug on the shirt of the poor person standing next to me like a small child begging their mother for ice cream. Actually, that scene looks pretty much the same when I get ice cream. I’ve scared a few shop owners with my brooch obsession. A few weekends ago, I ended up getting a good deal from one kind gentleman. I got overly excited at the site of that strawberry brooch but wouldn’t commit on the price. He finally decided to give me a discount and I snatched it up. In the end, I’m pretty sure he just did it so he could close his shop and get the crazy girls (my friend and I) away from his display case! Haha. It pays to be a little brooch crazy every now and then.

Have you found any treasures lately? I would love to hear the stories behind your finds!