The Blush List - Geometric Gems

Knitting // I love the harlequin knit pattern Anette used for her fabric yarn wall hangings.
Crochet // Another colorful harlequin design on a crochet pillow by Wood Wool & Stool
Etsy // Anna Joyce's spring collection is filled with so many lovely shapes and patterns. My favorite is this emerald triangle tote bag. (Found via Honey Kennedy)
Style // I can't get enough of these hole-punched Rachel Comey derby shoes
Art // Colorful gems by The Aldas Project.

Food // I have some leftover blueberries in my refrigerator right now...I see a batch of blueberry yogurt cookies in my very near future!

This week my Blush List came together without any intention of a geometric theme. Everything just happened to have a unique shape or pattern. I love it when that happens! An unexpected collection of inspiration. :)

I am not feeling well this afternoon. Thankfully Sundays are perfect for resting and reenergizing. Other than that, I had a great weekend. I am excited about getting involved with a new church, some new opportunities that are coming up, and just seeing what this new week has to offer. Apparently a lot of "newness" is happening around here. Haha. I also finished my Boston Love blanket square last night and I will share pictures tomorrow.

I hope you had a great weekend too. Did you start any new projects or go on any fun adventures? I would love to hear!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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