Sheepish Heart Bomb Results - Part 2

When I woke up Thursday morning, I didn't really have a plan on where I was going to leave my knit and crochet hearts. I kept everything I needed for the Sheepish Heart Bomb tucked inside my purse, ready to use when I found a place in need of some cheer. Whenever I finally mustered the courage, or found an especially isolated spot, I grabbed a heart out of my bag and tried to attach it as fast as possible. I went to the mall earlier in the day and left a few hearts inside for the Valentine's Day shoppers to stumble upon. I tied one to the railing near some stairs and another on a bench outside one of the entrances. Later that day I stopped by the park (where I left my knit heart bomb on the picnic table) and tied a few hearts to the chain-link fences and bridges.  
Here is the second half of your beautiful heart bomb creations from around the world! 
Row 4 - Jill, Teresa, WhitneyMary

Row 1 - Jennifer, Veta, Sashaimi, Museumjuice

Row 2: Joanna, Naomi, AmberOri

You can find part one of the Sheepish Heart Bomb results here
I hope you enjoyed this event! I had a lot of fun. I look forward to hosting the heart bomb again next year and watching it grow. It is incredibly encouraging to see a small act of kindness come together and impact people in different communities around the world.
The next time I am feeling down I will remember your loving, creative hearts and smile. :)