Sheepish Heart Bomb Results - Part 1

I am so happy that the first Sheepish Heart Bomb was such a huge success! It is really encouraging to see so many different people around the world take a moment out of their day to create something for the sake of making others happy. Your knit, crochet, and handmade hearts made people stop, smile, and remember that someone out there cares. I hope you enjoyed leaving little "heart bombs" around your town. 
I shared several hearts during the day last Thursday. I kept up my intarsia yarn bomb tradition with this knit heart and attached it to a picnic table in a local park. (I also shared a video of this yarn bomb on Vine!) It was fun leaving different hearts on benches, fences, and other spots around town. Even though this is my fifth or sixth time yarn bombing, I still feel strange attaching a piece of knitting to something in public. I tried my hardest to be stealth during each heart bomb, but after a few uncomfortable moments I soon discovered the problem: I am not stealth. At all. Haha. 
My favorite part of the day was looking at all of your beautiful photos as you went out and shared your hearts. You are so creative! I tried my best to get all of the #sheepishheartbomb photos posted on Instagram and Twitter together. I decided to split this post into two parts because so many of you participated! Here is the first group of heart bomb creations: 
Row 1 - Helen // Faith // Allison // Alice
Row 2 - Anita // Annie H. // Annie D. // Rebecca
Row 3 - Becky // Dominique // Bridget // Brigid
Row 4 - Erica // Claire // Corinne // Corrie
Row 1 - Elizabeth // Jaqueline // Jen // Julie
Row 2 - Julie // Rosemary // Krysta // Krystal
Row 3 - Laura // Deb // Liz // Lynda
Row 4 - Michelle // Meet Make Laugh // Megan // MK Carroll

I will share the rest of your photos and some of my other heart bombs tomorrow. Thank you again for participating and spreading the word throughout the weekend. I can't wait to do it again next year! 
What was your favorite part of the Sheepish Heart Bomb? Please share your stories below. 
I hope you are having a great start to the week. :)