What's in My Yarn Bag?

At the end of last year, I really enjoyed sharing different photos and interviews for my "What's in my yarn bag?" series. I love getting a sneak peek inside of other yarn crafters yarn bags! I will have new interviews starting again next month but I thought I would start the year off by sharing an updated look inside my own yarn bag. You know, while it is relatively clean and gum wrapper free. ;)

When I carry my knitting with me, my yarn bag acts as my purse so I keep standard things like my wallet, keys, and gum tucked inside. Everything else is what I like to have nearby while yarn crafting or dreaming up new ideas. Here is what I usually carry with me:

- My bag - This bag from Jordana Paige is so great! I love all of the pockets and that it looks just like a regular purse.
- Yarn, needles, and hooks - That is the second sleeve from my never-ending sweater project. Maybe one day I will finally wear it...maybe. Haha.
- Planner - This is where I keep track of upcoming project due dates, blog posts, and my to-do list.
- iPad - I keep my iPad handy for reading craft magazines and finding inspiration on Pinterest.
- iPhone
- Notebook - This notebook is for sketching designs and writing down ideas.
- Pens - I always lose my pens so I've learned that if I want to be able to write something down, I need to keep three or more in my bag at one time just in case.
- Lotion, lip balm, etc.
- Accessories bag - This is where I store my scissors, stitch markers, stitch counter, extra crochet hooks, and other small items.

If only there was a little extra room in this bag for my camera! However, it would probably be way too heavy if I tried to turn this into a yarn/camera bag.

What do you usually keep in your yarn bag? When do you like to carry it?

I hope you have a great last day of January! :)