Crochet Oranges for a Cold

"When life gives you lemons...crochet an orange?" That makes sense to me!

This week passed me by in a blur of sniffles, congestion, and sneezing. Don't you love when a cold just comes out of nowhere and gets in the way of a week's worth of to-dos? Ugh. I am finally feeling a little better today even though my head is so stuffy I get dizzy when I walk. Not too fun. So, of course, I thought a little crochet Vitamin C might help keep the sniffly blues at bay.

For me it is easier to create random objects like an orange slice with a crochet hook instead of knitting needles. It is like doodling with yarn! Haha. Does that make sense at all? Instead of drawing the design on paper first I just pick up a hook, some yarn, and see what happens.

I've come to the conclusion that crafting is medicinal. Even when I'm sick it brings a smile to my face. :)

If you are suffering from sinuses too I feel your pain! I hope you get to rest and recharge this weekend.

Crochet, gifmeredith