Pumpkin Bread, a Fox Mug, and Light Leaks

Just a few of the random things found in my latest roll of film. I baked two mini loaves of pumpkin bread Sunday afternoon in my Pyrex refrigerator dishes. They are the perfect size for baking bread. Since I have two dishes now I can make one to give and one to eat! Also...I'll take any excuse to use a piece of Pyrex. :) This pumpkin bread recipe is so delicious and moist! I highly recommend baking it for the upcoming pumpkin-y season. Wait...pumpkin-y? Pumpkin crazy? Pumpkinfest? Haha. All of the above I guess. Anyway, I've come to the decision that as many days as possible should include a slice of pumpkin bread and a fox mug full of coffee. Actually, make that a slice of pumpkin bread, a fox mug full of coffee, and long walks with my camera. It is just good sense. 

A few flower photos from a long walk around the neighborhood worked their way into this roll of film. I love the random light leak splashed across the last photo. I don't know why light decided to leak into this particular photo but I am happy it did. A random splash of color to make a simple picture a little more interesting.

Baking and picture taking. These are such simple moments that bring me a lot of joy.

I just enjoyed another slice of pumpkin bread, the perfect fuel to get me through the day! Have you baked anything fall related yet?

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