The Blush List - Warm & Fuzzy

Knitting // I love this knitted triangle pattern blanket.
Crochet // Take a look at the cutest, tiniest, crochet creations I have ever seen! I had no idea such a small crochet hook existed!! So amazing. (Found via Frankie)
Etsy // Maybe, one day, when my sweater collection starts to overtake the closet, I could reuse them for an awesome sweater blanket like this one. 
Style // For the sake of a future sweater blanket...I guess I need to keep my sweater collection growing, huh? I don't need more sweaters because I am obsessed or anything. ;) I want all of the Madewell sweaters this fall!  
Art // This is such a dreamy art print by Rebekka Seale. I think catching up on my rest this weekend really helped my cold. 

Food // Mmm. Yet another pound cake to try! These mini brown butter vanilla bean loaves sound incredible. Talk about feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks to medicine, rest, cups upon cups of hot tea, and your very kind words I am feeling much better today. This week is already looking better than the last! I am excited about new projects, ideas, and inspirations, just waiting to jump from my idea book into reality.

Also, I am planning a fun yarn bombing adventure for all of us as knitters, crocheters, and general craft lovers this week! If you have always wanted to try yarn bombing but have been too nervous to do it, hopefully that will change. :)

I am settling in to watch the Emmys and work on projects. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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