The Blush List - Cozy Sunday

Knitting // My yarn needs a new cozy home like this knit basket.
Crochet // Here is another beautiful example of the Dottie Angel inspired crochet blanket that I've been itching to make. I mean, look at it. This blanket has to be made. I love the cozy colors Coco Rose Textiles used for the flowers. I need to decide when I actually have time to start such a time consuming project. I guess that's the nice thing about granny square blankets, you just take it one square at a time. 
Etsy // Earlier this week I had a little twitter chat about my obsession with notebooks...and post-its...and paper products in general. I was happy to see so many of you share this obsession. I try to stay away from cute notebooks nowadays because I don't want to mess up the cuteness with my scribbles. However, these notebooks from Mossery make me want to break my rule...
Style // The House of Maryann lookbook is filled with fall fashions I would love to wear as I sip a cup of tea. ;)
Art // I love this colorful coffee cup print by Sandra Juto.

Food // Mmm. A nice slice of strawberry banana bread on a Sunday afternoon sounds perfect.

It is a cozy Sunday afternoon with grey skies and light rain drops hitting the ground outside my window. I am always a bit happier when the clouds cover the sky. Is that weird? Rainy days, especially rainy Sundays, are just so calming before a busy week ahead.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I worked on some projects, ventured out to McKinney again (I can't get enough of the downtown area!) and enjoyed a little relaxing.

I think tomorrow would be my first day of classes if I was still in school. Crazy. Things are changing...for the better, I hope. :)

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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