Journal Page Embroidery - "Adventure is Out There!"

Who wants to float away in a colorful, flying balloon house with me? Only for a few days, of course.

I released my inner child this weekend and watched Pixar's "Up", one of my favorite animated movies. Have you seen it? Aside from the incredibly depressing first ten minutes, this movie always lifts my spirits. I love the idea of chasing your dreams at any age while simultaneously learning to let go of the past. I can definitely relate to that message right now. It makes me want to jump up and start filling in the pages of my own "adventure book". ;)

During the movie, I started stitching this page in my journal and couldn't be happier with the result. My  favorite scene is when Carl releases all of the balloons for the first time and the screen is flooded with color. I tried to capture some of that color with my own stitched balloons. Whenever I turn to this page in my journal I will always be reminded that...

"Adventure is out there!"

The pages of my notebook are becoming increasingly filled with bits of thread and I love it.

Do you have a favorite animated movie too?

Have a great day!

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