"New York, I Love You" Instagrams

I had the BEST time in NYC the past few days. These are a few of the Instagrams I took around the city. I love traveling and I feel extremely blessed each time I get the opportunity to visit an amazing city like New York. Right now I am sitting in the airport terminal waiting for my plane home. I was extremely nervous about traveling alone to NYC. Thanks to Danielle's help catching the right trains, I actually did it. As I sit here safe and sound, with Adele playing over the speakers, I feel such a sense of calm and accomplishment. Silly I know, but this was a big step for me. I got such a big jolt of confidence out of this trip. I need to remember moments like this, when my doubts and insecurities are getting the best of me. Yup. You can do it Meredith. :) Thanks for the memories New York! I can't wait to share more pictures. I hope you have a great day!