Practicing My Stitches - ABC Crewelwork Sampler

I wanted to wait until I finished a few letters before I shared this project on the blog. After your recommendations, I decided to try the Daisychain ABC's Crewelwork Pattern by Alicia Paulson and practice my new love for embroidery. I was a little nervous about tackling such an intimidating embroidery project as a beginner to the craft. I am so glad I started it! I've never worked with crewel wool before this project either but I really like the texture. This sampler has been such a fun project to work on over the past few weeks. Each letter is unique and challenging in different ways which makes working on it even more interesting! I think the "C" is definitely my favorite so far. This project is also a wonderful reminder of how much I love making time to craft and create for myself. I love making things for others, but there is always an added pressure to make it perfect when it is a gift. I love being able to just relax, create something because I love the process and not worry about the end result. 

I have 15 letters to go! My goal is to finish it before the end of August. I think I can make it!

I have to say it. This project is pretty "crewel". Haha. Pun. ;)

NYC is wonderful! I still have a little time left in the city before I return home. Time to go out and enjoy it!