Thank You Notes

I sent out a stack of thank you notes today to my friends and relatives who gave me the sweetest cards over the weekend. Is it weird that I really love thank you notes? Whenever I receive a thank you note I always feel the need to write a thank you note for the thank you note...but that would probably be weird. And a little excessive. Haha. I am just so appreciative of the love and support of my family. We have our issues, of course, but I am always thankful to have their support.

I am also thankful for my dear friends who stuck with me through four years of tearful phone calls and stressed-out coffee dates. My friend Leilani gave me that amazing card in the last picture. Isn't it just perfect? "We must absolutely do what we love, or we run the risk of doing nothing at all." Can I get an amen? Haha. Look, it even has a little ball of yarn inside the toolbox! I love that she, and so many of my friends and family, are supportive of my crafty passions. I need to remember that quote as I enter the next part of my life. I want to love what I do and have the ability to give that love back to everyone I meet along the way.

If you couldn't tell, I am feeling very reflective, thankful, and anxious about the future. It's time for a self pep-talk: "Ok, Meredith...calm down. Graduation was only a few days ago...relax and enjoy it." :-)

How are my fellow graduates feeling now that college is behind us? It's wonderful and weird all at the same time, isn't it?