What I Wore - Graduation Outfit

Outfit details: Sweater - Topshop (several years ago), Dress - Milk & Honey (gosh I love that store), Shoes - Topshop 
I had to wear a fun sweater for graduation too, right? It's my "thing" I guess. I love this dress I found in Milk & Honey a few months ago. The lace is so lovely and paired with my favorite cardigan the whole look was just granny enough to suit me. Haha. To use a favorite old lady word, I jazzed it up with the prettiest, nicest, most uncomfortable shoes I've ever owned. I just couldn't resist the sparkle so I ordered them even though I knew they would be a half-size too small. Don't people say, "Beauty is pain!" or something like that? Well...these beautiful shoes were definitely painful. Eventually the pain turned to numbness, so it wasn't so bad. It felt so good to walk across the stage, all six feet of me, in those heels. It was a very liberating moment. My family, friends, and professors told me how much they admired me for wearing heels and not trying to hide my height by slouching. I've decided to own it. I can't think of a better way to stand tall than walking across the stage to receive my diploma. 
My head is still fuzzy after this weekend. I think I am in shock. I was so happy, excited, nervous, terrified, and exhausted (yay for waking up at 5:50 a.m.) the entire day. According to my dad, I was also quieter than usual this weekend. I guess I had a lot on my mind. This time of transition is a very stressful time. Even though I'm not entirely sure what the next step will be, I know that I will eventually find my place in this world. 

For now, I will just enjoy one last piece from the red velvet cake we had at dinner and start seriously planning for London and Paris. I can't believe we fly out next week!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I felt your support and cheers all day long on Saturday and your comments on my last post brought tears of joy to my eyes. Maybe I've said thank you too many times...but I will say it once more anyway. Thank you. :)