Crochet Luggage Tag

As you all know by now, I am so super excited about my upcoming trip to London and Paris! My mom and I are having fun mapping out the must-see spots, searching for the perfect pair of cute/comfortable walking shoes, and counting down the days. My luggage isn't cute, colorful, covered with flowers or is just plain black. I've had a tangle of crochet chains tied to the top handle for years of traveling to distinguish it from the other black bags in the luggage terminal. It is not very pretty, so I decided to make something special so I can find my bag with ease and make it look a little bit cuter. 
- Yarn: I used Lion Brand acrylic
- Crochet hook - I used size H8
- Scissors
- Tapestry needle
1. Chain (ch) 13 with your main color. Double crochet (dc) in the second chain from the hook. Dc across for 11 dc. 
2. Ch 2. Turn. Dc across. 
3. Repeat steps one and two for about 10 rows. Weave in ends.
4. Join the second yarn color to the crochet tag with a slip stitch in a corner. Single crochet all the way around the edge. Join with a slip stitch. Bind off and weave in ends. 
5. Use the tapestry needle and second yarn color to embroider your initial onto the tag. I did it free hand but you could also draw the letter on tracing paper, pin it to your crochet piece, and embroider through the tracing paper. 
6. Tie off the excess ends.
7. Ch your desired amount for the strap. Join with a slip stitch on the first chain to create a loop. 

This was such a fun project! I really love making little things like this to show off my love for yarn in fun, new ways. My mom is already jealous of my tag and wants me to make one for her suitcase. I better get to work before she convinces me that "M" stands for mom. ;-)

Are you going on any fun vacations this summer?