The Blush List - In case you haven't smiled today...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I certainly am even though homework is once again in my near future. Here are a few of my favorite finds from this week that will hopefully bring a smile to your face! :)
Knitting // I am obsessed with this tutorial by Karen Barbé on how to add intarsia elbow patches to knitwear. A few of my sweaters are about to get a makeover. 
Crochet // Adorable russian nesting dolls via People Webs
Etsy // Sweet, porcelain face brooches by Minini
Style // How beautiful is this sheep sweater? I found it on Fixed Forever, a Tumblr photo diary. It reminds me of Princess Diana's famous sweater. I've always wanted one just like it. 
Art //  Ah college!! The end is near!!! Such a perfect illustration by Hello Heute for how I'm feeling right about now. 
Food // Mini Blueberry Galette recipe via Spoon Fork Bacon. Wouldn't these be perfect with a cup of tea? 

I've been feeling the stress of balancing my blog schedule with my school schedule once again. I don't know what it is, but every new semester I panic when I can't do as much blogging as I would like. Very few of us have the time to blog as much as we would like though, right? And that's ok. I just continue to tell myself to just enjoy it all! Blogging is fun! Haha. Mini pep talks are happening a lot over here if you couldn't tell.

Enjoy these lovely finds and have a happy Sunday!