A Warm and Windy Outfit

(Whew. A little dizzy.)
// Top - Milk & Honey boutique // Skirt - Milk & Honey boutique // Tights - Target // Boots - Target //

Instead of doing my typical rage at Texas for having such warm weather in January, I decided to take advantage and snap a few outfit photos. It just seems to work out that I only have time to take pictures of my outfit on Sundays when I am all dressed up after church. I really don't wear skirts and dresses all the time. I need to get some pictures of me in just a fun sweater and jeans. My typical uniform. :)

I love this outfit because it's a bit more daring than I tend to dress. Wow. That sounds silly when 80% of my body is covered in fabric. Hehe. (Remember who's talking here.) I guess daring to me is when I question three or four times whether or not I should change before I leave the house. Anyway, I love the mixture of the fancy-awesome-puffy-sleeve top with the long floaty skirt and casual boots. It doesn't exactly match, but I really like navy and mustard together. Also, I cut my hair! This is the shortest it's been in quite awhile and I like it a lot! 

These outfit posts are definitely inspiring me to have fun with what I wear. They are also inspiring me to be ok with my goofiness. I thought if I ever wanted to post outfits on this blog I would have to suddenly become a model. Ha! Yesterday all I did was stand in front of the camera, look fondly at my shoes, get tossed around by the wind a bit and, when I felt especially awkward, pop up on my tip-toes for no reason at all. I learned that one from Tyra. 

Has anyone else decided to put themselves out there and take a few outfit photos? I would love to see. I hope you all have a happy Monday!