Exploring Dallas - Milk & Honey Boutique

Last week when I was out and about taking pictures for my photo an hour post, my mom and I stumbled upon Milk & Honey boutique. Words cannot describe and pictures cannot properly illustrate my love for this store. All I can say is thank goodness I had my camera with me because from the moment I stepped inside I probably gasped a total of 73 times. Every rack held a dress, sweater, or top that I immediately wanted to get my hands on. The clothes are beautiful but the displays are just amazing. I mean, how cool is that moss covered arch over the sale section? And any store that has yarn balls floating around the ceiling is the place for me. I hope these pictures make you feel a smidge of the happiness I felt when I was inside. I found so many pretty pieces that I wanted to take home with me. Since the prices at Milk & Honey are extremely reasonable, I was able to walk away with a few of my favorite finds. 

This store is new to the area and located smack dab in the middle of my two favorite places in Dallas, We Are 1976 and The Pearl Cup. Basically that means I will be there a lot. I know this shop isn't exactly handmade, but I love supporting small, independent businesses in the area! You should definitely stop by this store if you are ever in Dallas. Get ready to fall in love fast. :)