Settling in for my last semester

I can't believe it. My classes for my final semester of college have officially begun. What?! Who?! How did this happen?! Oh yeah, just four years of hard work finally coming to an end. Now I remember. ;-)

I finally finished settling into my apartment after spending the holidays with my family. I had a little technological hiccup yesterday when my TV and Internet stopped working. That seems to be a tradition when I go back to school with this apartment. One semester my air conditioning broke, the other the heater. Oh well. It's nice to have a tradition, right? Now that everything is working, I'm happy to be back in my colorful little space as I gear up for the semester ahead. Little by little I'm getting back into a class schedule. You know, the "wake up early, drink lots of coffee, go to class, knit, blog, study, read, rinse, repeat" schedule? My new milk frother is helping in the "drink lots of coffee" department so I can make  my own cappuccinos in the morning! I feel so fancy. And yes, as evidence by the first picture, I plan my outfits for each day of the week. It just makes things easier when I'm rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

Now I'm listening to some records and getting caught up on my already required reading assignments. And so it begins...the countdown to graduation that is. ;)