Generations of Knitting

While I was away running around with a bunch of sweet 7th grade girls this weekend, my parents went to visit my great aunt Lois and came home with a few treasures that belonged to her and my grandmother. My grandma Virginia passed away several years ago, but I have great memories of her love for knitting and crochet. Along with a bag of knitting needles, I was so excited to see this amazing Bernat knitting pattern book. There isn't a date printed inside, but it looks like it is from the 1960s. I just love all of the beautiful images of knitwear! It's all so classy and stylish. I hope to try a few of the patterns someday too. 

Aren't my Aunt Lois, on the left, and Grandma Virginia, on the right, absolutely stunning? I am so thankful for every moment I spent with them and that I have the opportunity to learn more about their past. My grandma was the craftier of the two because she could do it all: sew, knit, crochet, and even tat. I hope one day my grandchildren cherish my knitting tools in the same way as I do of my grandmother's now.