An Old Soul.

What beautiful buttons, huh? I found these amazing vintage trinkets in a little shop in Old Colorado City. Crazy, huh? Most of these are over 60 years old and from Czechoslovakia. I love things like these buttons, unique and comes with a history. (The pink square ones are glass and from the 1940s!) However, my favorite button is this one:
This 60 year old Czech button is just gorgeous!! It really pops! I bought these buttons because I seriously could not leave the shop without them! Their unique shapes and colors completely captured me. I still don't know what I am going to use them for...I've had an idea to use the pink glass buttons for a cowl. What do you think of that idea? Any other suggestions for the use of these buttons?

I love all things old. I love watching Hitchcock movies, listening to Frank Sinatra, and reading old books. What a weird college student, huh? Anyway, my other love is taking instant pictures! These are some of my favorites (which I ironically had to take with a digital camera):

Each of these pictures is special to me because none of them were planned. The beauty in each picture was pure luck! That picture on the far right was initially just supposed to be a picture of my cat. But right as I pushed the button, she yawned!!!! It's just so creepy! I love it!!!
Well, today I posted a new scarf! I hope you check it out here.