A Day of Firsts!

What an amazing day! I woke up this morning, stumbled out of bed and turned on the computer. Of course, because I'm addicted to Etsy now, I went to the Etsy home page. And guess what....

My Grey and Yellow Headband was on the front page!!! You can find it here. AHHHHH!!! I couldn't believe it! I only opened my shop a few days ago and one of my products has already been featured on the front page???? I am so grateful to have be given that opportunity for promotion so early on!

After I took a break from my happy dance, I started work on packaging my first sale! I added a tag with a scrap piece of yarn in the same color as the headband.

Then I wrapped it up with some sturdy packing paper and sealed it with a Sheepish sticker!!

I can't wait to hear from my first customer when they receive it! I also added the sock monkey wrist warmers to my shop yesterday. To check them out, click here.