Why Knit? Why Not??

It's 100 degrees outside today. Is that too hot for knitting? Maybe for some people...but I'm just that awesome. Thankfully my air conditioning keeps me sweat free and oblivious to the sweltering heat. Plus, I really can't go a day without knitting something....rain, sleet, snow, heat...I'm like the army baby.

So today I designed an adorable wristlet that is inspired by the classic toy, a sock monkey! I love the contrast of the tweedy brown with the bright red. It just looks so preppy, like an old letterman jacket. I love the length and the ability to use my fingers while still keeping my hands warm. PLUS I can operate my iPhone this winter without my hands turning purple! I will have these wrist warmers up on Etsy tomorrow, so be on the look out! Check it:

Also on my needles, another cozy cable scarf knit in a crisp grass green. This too will be on Etsy in the next few days:

Stay cool everyone! Have a great Saturday!