Sheepish Heart Bomb 2016 Results!

Every year when we do the Sheepish Heart Bomb, my eyes fill with happy tears as I look through all of the photos under the hashtag. It is incredible to see little hearts hanging from park benches, fences, lamp posts, you name it, in countries around the world. In England, Brazil, the United States, Canada Finland, and kindness exist thanks to you. It might seem like such a small action, practically meaningless when compared to the destruction and hate that is very real in our world. I assure you it holds great meaning to the people who find your hearts and notes.

It is in the small actions, quiet voices, and humble gestures that bring about change and positivity. I wish I had done more to promote this event this year! I know it could have stretched even further around the world. I let my own circumstances get in the way of really spreading the love. Even so, thank you to everyone who picked up their hooks, yarn, fabric, thread, paper, and took the time to put a #sheepishheartbomb out in your community.

I decided to type up my notes on my typewriter this year! A few of the notes I wrote were....

"You are loved."

"Believe in yourself."

"Have courage & be kind. " (I stole that one from Cinderella. Hehe.)

"Your smile is lovely."

I left my hearts at a coffee shop I visited with a friend, on the gas pump after filling up my car, on a few cars in the parking lot, and just random spots I visited during my day. In the past, I usually plan where each heart will go. This year it was a nice change to just open my eyes to what was around me and place the hearts wherever I went on Valentine's Day.

Here are some of the photos you shared under the #sheepishheartbomb hashtag!

Thank you again for participating this year! You are all so amazing.

What do you think about making the #sheepishheartbomb a year long event? I would love to encourage others to keep crochet hearts in their bag at all times and leave them in random places every day of the week. Do you think the name, Sheepish Heart Bomb, applies for a bigger event like this? I think it works but would love to hear your thoughts!!

Let me know what you think!