Texas Snow Days

When snow comes to Texas, everything shuts down. Roads, schools, restaurants...everything. It's almost embarrassing to admit my state (and myself!!) turn into Chicken Little and run around screaming, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!" the moment frozen precipitation hits the pavement. At first, we only had some frozen rain which turned all of the roads into ice skating rinks. Later in the week we were treated to a surprise "snow storm" that resulted in around 2 inches of white fluff on the ground. It's nowhere near what the northeast is suffering through this winter...but it was something!

The snow stuck around for a little while this weekend so I went out to explore my last shot at snow for the season. No matter how little snow we get, it is always a beautiful sight. Even as I watched the ice melt from my window, the freezing water sparkled like diamonds. Also, I love having any reason to drink additional cups of tea or hot cocoa.

The cold weather inspired me to pick my knit vest up yet again. Haha. I actually made some progress! I will post pictures of it later this week. I also gathered some color inspiration from a nature walk I went on yesterday. I can't believe March is here and yet it still looks like December! I guess there is still time to bundle up and keep warm with some knitting!

Have you had much snow in your part of the world?