Nashville Film Photos

1. I think this photo of Ruthie's dining room table is my favorite film photo I've ever shot. The light makes my heart happy!
2. Ruthie's home is like a dream. Can you spot her sweet puppy sleeping on the sofa?
3. I loved the lighting in this room. So dreamy.
4. The blooms outside the guest room window.
5. I call this one, Flower Face. Haha. I love it. Sara knows that I'm crazy for florals!
6. The gorgeous JL. I am so so thankful I met this sweet lady.
7. If Sara were a brooch...this is it! It is a rock hanging from a delicate bow. So unique...just like her!
8. We stopped for an ice cream break during the Nashville Instameet. I instamet some of the coolest instapeeps around....pretty much instantly. Ok. I'll stop now.
9. Ok, only Payden and Jordan got ice cream. The rest of us were boring and stuck with water. I'm a tad ashamed...
10. Beautiful flowers I spotted during our trek around downtown Nashville.
11. We had an impromptu photo shoot in the back of a parking lot one afternoon. Such a fun day.
12. Payden is too cool for school.
13. I love this shot of JL! The imperfections are the reason I love film so much.
14. Dreamy lights and a hidden Meredith inside Woodbine Coffee Co.
15. That place was perfect.
16. It was even raining outside.
17. The delicious latte and honest conversations I experienced made my last day in Nashville more than memorable.

I am so thankful for the time I spent in Nashville and the incredible people I had the pleasure of meeting. My friend Sara and I planned this trip months ago and really had no idea why we were going. We just hoped for some time to rest, explore new surroundings, and hopefully meet a nice person or two. I never EVER expected to get connected with such incredible people at a random Instameet that I honestly didn't want to go to at first. I was a little tired. Haha. I am so glad I went! Meeting Jenna Lane, Payden, Justin, and Jordan made my time in Nashville an experience I will never forget. At the top of the list of incredible Nashville people is the oh-so-lovely Ruthie Lindsey. I was lucky enough to stay in her home, eat Jeni's ice cream on her couch, and talk about life with such an incredibly inspiring woman. She is like a sister to me now! I can't wait to go back and give her a big hug!

During the trip I saw a lot of great sights, ate delicious food, and took all kinds of photos. However, those memories pale in comparison to the time spent being open and living life with such incredible people. For the first time in a long time, I felt the Lord showing me a hopeful future that includes a community of people who accept me for who I am and a mind that is rid of fear.

That is a gift I will cherish forever.