April Memory Mood Board

Goodbye, April. You were a month filled with unfortunately heavy amounts of stress and sadness. Thankfully I have a loving family and incredibly supportive friends to hold me up on the days I feel like I can no longer stand. I am also thankful for the little moments I was lucky enough to experience in between the overwhelming days. Here a few little memories from April...

Clockwise from top left:

- A few of my Instagram photos were turned into wood, metal, and coster creations by the InstaThis team. I was so excited when they offered to transform a few of my photos into these beautiful keepsakes. Expect a giveaway from InstaThis soon!

- I finally started a new book! I have been wanting to read The Supreme Macaroni Company for months now. It is by one of my favorite authors and I am already loving it.

- A funny mask from the coolest local shop.

- A temporary tattoo from Melt Ice Creams.

- New brooches for my collection/obsession.

- Pretty blue nail polish my mom gave me for Easter.

- Yarn ready to be knit into a beautiful vest from Emma's beautiful book!

Thank you for your encouraging words on my last post. Your kindness means the world to me.

I hope you are looking forward to this new month! Let's get creative and make some memories.