Hipota Crochet Art

If you need some creative, crochet inspiration to get you through the middle of the week, look no further than Hipota. I spotted the crochet pear on Pinterest and had to know more about this amazing artist. I am blown away by the detail, creativity, and skill displayed in each of these beautiful art pieces! I can’t comprehend the amount of time it took to stitch such incredible crochet creations. Pears, swans, flowers…all created with precision and likely an unimaginably tiny crochet hook.  So small, it almost gives me a headache just thinking about it. These pieces get me inspired to pull out my smallest hooks and create something just for fun! I’m thinking a detailed pineapple would be amazing…yes?

What do you think of Hipota’s work? Have you ever crocheted with such a tiny thread? I would love to hear what you are working on right now!