The Blush List - White Christmas

Knit // This graph mitten knitting project by Studio Meez is so lovely. I can't get enough of the pop of minty blue!

Crochet // This crochet stitch made me audibly gasp. It is too beautiful.

Wish List // Next year I am wrapping everything in unicorn gift paper.

Style // I could wear this outfit every day of my life. A floral dress, green coat, red beret, and black winter wardrobe is settled!

Art // This skating scene is so dreamy.

Food // I am all set to continue my yearly tradition of baking and decorating a batch of sugar cookies with my family on Christmas Eve. This recipe from Pastry Affair looks delicious!

A Blush List on a Monday? Crazy talk! Haha. I hope you enjoy these wintry wonders. :)

Happy Christmas Eve Eve everyone! I hope you are having so much fun celebrating the season. I took an unplanned break from blogging so I could actually enjoy Christmas, spend time with friends, and unwind after a really hard year. When you get close to burning out on something you love, I think it is important to take a step back and remember the reasons why you love it. Instead of finishing out the year in an exhausted frenzy, I took a little time away from blogging so I could take care of myself and gear up for a very exciting 2014. I hope you always remember that you can do the same. Don't let the blog world control your life or your happiness! :)

Are you finished making all of your gifts? I made a few handmade ornaments and headbands for my friends this year, but I had to force myself to hold back a little. A year of crocheting things for a book can definitely leave you feeling burnt out, too! I can't wait to start the new year with new knitting and crochet projects.

Have a wonderful holiday this week! I have a fun, pom-pom project that I will be sharing tomorrow morning. It was scheduled for um...several weeks ago...but the unexpected ice storm threw my plans out of whack. It's all good! Christmas Eve is the perfect time to make a quick, pom-pom craft.