Ice Storm in Texas


If you live in a truly cold and icy part of the world...don't mock my photos too much. Haha. Upon first glance it might seem like a dusting of snow, but the North Texas area received a crazy amount of ice late last week. Schools and offices were closed for three days! The power went out all over the city. Thankfully I was stranded at my friend Sara's house for what we lovingly called the "icepocalypse". The ice days were filled with Jane Austen movies, Sherlock, SEGA Jeopardy, and hot chocolate. We definitely caught cabin fever...haha. It was so much fun though!

We took a walk after the first night of the ice storm and enjoyed the beautiful scenery for as long as our tingling hands and toes could stand. The white ice made everything look so peaceful. Thankfully I had my camera with me so I could capture a few Icepocalyptic snapshots.

I hope everyone in the North Texas area finally thawed out after the storm. How is the weather in your part of the world? I hope you are safe and warm!

Have a great weekend! I am excited to work on some Christmas gifts and relax a little bit. :)