Weekend Coffee + Friends + Exploring Bishop Arts

I just love the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. I feel like I blog about this area all the time! It is just my favorite place to explore, eat, and escape. I went there on Saturday with a few friends who had never been to the neighborhood before. I was excited to show them around a bit and take them to my favorite spots!

- We went to Oddfellows for brunch. I had the green chile scramble and it was delicious. My friend Anna ordered the pancakes and they were HUGE. Two pancakes the size of a plate. Thankfully she was kind enough to let us help her out and try a few bites.

- One of my favorite shops in the area is Dirt Design Studio. They create beautiful floral arrangements and I am always inspired when I look at their displays. I just love their flower-filled bicycle basket.

- We also looked through the Ginger Fox art gallery. I loved this piece made entirely of old pencils!

- As we walked from shop to shop I experienced some serious bike envy. I spotted so many cute bikes parked on the sidewalk! One day...

- This mural outside of the open air furniture shop made me smile. I love the colors.

It was such a great day that I completely forgot to leave my crochet coffee yarn bomb behind at Oddfellows. Brunch is really busy and the crowds might have intimidated me a bit. Also, after waiting about an hour for our table I think the main goal was to get some food and enjoy the air conditioning. Haha. Now I have another excuse to go back, right?

How was your weekend? Did you explore any of your favorite local spots?