The Blush List - Knit Cacti + Crochet Rug + Colorful Cards

Knit // Even though I don't have much of a green thumb, I think I could manage to keep a few pots of knit cacti alive!
Crochet// This crochet rug reminds me of a beach umbrella. 
Wish list // I want one of everything in the Ma and Grandy shop! This Hello! card is especially sweet.
Style // The greatest non-knit scarf I have ever seen! 
Art // Count the Memories print from Nourishing Notes
Food // What a creative way to serve sorbet or ice cream! Sorbet Watermelon Wedges by Bakers Royale. 

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! I had the best time with my family. A great weekend is inevitable when it includes swimming, homemade blueberry pie, and a pretty intense Mario Kart tournament. Oh yeah. Haha. It was a good one.

So...who wants to knit a cactus now? Haha. I do! I know I have some green yarn stuffed in a plastic bin around here somewhere. I also REALLY want to try this crochet pattern. I have some scrap yarn ready and I am going to attempt this intimidating stitch tonight. Hopefuly I will be able to share my results tomorrow!

How was your weekend? Did you start on any new projects? Are you going to join the July Film Challenge? I announced the first theme of the month yesterday!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.