Crochet Apache Tears Swatch + Scrap Yarn Blanket Project

I am obsessed with this stitch! The moment I saw Sarah London's apache tears crochet tutorial I knew I had to give it a try. This stitch has it all. The complete crochet stitch package, if that is a thing. Haha. I mean....let's go through the list of awesome things this stitch has to offer. Stash busting abilities....check! Crazy awesome colors...check! A geometric pattern that makes me a little dizzy when I look at it too long...check!! I used the 8dc spacing pattern for my swatch and love the results!
I haven't had much time for personal knitting or crochet projects lately so it was nice to work on something just for fun and learn a new stitch at the same time. I also love any opportunity to put my scrap yarn pile to good use. 

My apache tears crochet swatch combined with two recent discoveries inspired my latest project idea.

First, I spotted this beautiful crochet square patchwork blanket on Pinterest. A few days after falling in love with the blanket I found this book on Amazon. Even though I can't really work on big projects at the moment, I always manage to find a lot of joy in a little crochet swatch. So, I am going to work my way through all 50 stitch patterns in this book and make a patchwork blanket of my own! I can't wait to learn new stitches, use up my scrap yarn stash, and hopefully have a pretty blanket to enjoy. I thought about working on a new swatch a week for the 52 weeks in a year and just find two other stitch patterns to fill it out. I will definitely share my progress as my square collection gets a little bigger.

For me, staying inspired always comes from trying new things.

What projects are you working on at the moment? Have you tried the apache tears stitch yet?