The Blush List - Coffee and Ice Cream

Knitting // I love the way Studio Meez uses color and pattern in her latest knitting projects. Each one is so unique!
Crochet // Tunisian crochet creates such a beautiful texture. I really like the bold stripe pattern used in these crochet dishcloths
Etsy // This pastel suede clutch from Grace Design would look great with the outfit below! Oh you know, just accessorizing an outfit way out of my price range...haha. 
Style // The Nina Ricci Resort 2014 collection is so lovely. I especially love the soft colors used in this look. 
Art // The coffee splatters on this print add a great textural element! Coffee Pot by Emma Block.

Food // S'mores ice cream?! Obviously this is a genius idea.

I love these finds! Each one is a twist on a classic. I always find inspirations in unique twists and patterns.

It's a miracle! Currently it is 72 degrees and July. This weather is perfect because it is actually cool enough to drink coffee in the afternoon! Just in time for an afternoon coffee date with friends. Yes! Haha. I get excited about the little things...

I hope you all had a great weekend. I kept busy working on projects that I am just so anxious to share!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! What are you up to?

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