The Blush List - Black + Gold Inspiration

Knit // This gorgeous sweater has my mind racing with ideas. Cables, stripes, color block...the combination is just so good.

Crochet // *Shakes head in awe...* Wow. I can't get over the beautiful details used in this Oscar de la Renta crocheted silk bolero. I love that beautiful fan stitch!

Wish List // Moorea Seale's new online shop launched this week and it is amazing! I am so happy for her and the entire team. It was hard to pick a favorite from the shop but these geometric cards are definitely calling my name.

Style // A simple black dress with a bold flower print via Framboise Fashion.

Art // The patterns and colors inside Danielle Kroll's sketchbooks are so inspiring. I am also obsessed with the embroidered sweaters she created for a yarn promo.

Food // Oh my goodness...hello perfect breakfast. Move over Cronut. Meet the Croloaf, aka Croissant Loaf.

That first sweater definitely inspired the color scheme for this Blush List! I can't get over how much I love that pattern and design. I found a close up picture of the cable pattern for future reference if I ever wanted have time to recreate it. Can you recognize the cable stitch? It is beautiful.

I kept busy most of the weekend but I enjoyed a nice break during the drop spindle class at The Shabby Sheep yesterday afternoon. I had such a great time, took lots of photos, and purchased probably the prettiest skein of yarn I have ever seen. It was a dreamy, yarn-filled afternoon. I will post it all here tomorrow!

I am off to catch up with a friend over dinner before getting the new week started. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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