The Blush List - Blankets, Books, and Blueberries

Knitting // A knit hat pattern from Wiksten. I like the pretty scarf and sweater too. :)
Crochet // I love the colors and crochet motif used in this blanket by Miga de Pan
Wish List // Beautiful hand painted flowers on the Mr. Stag print from A Wooden Tree. 
Style // I love the patterns on these heels from Anthropologie. Left - Karin d'Orsays // Right - Mixed Media Heels
Art // The perfect print for a bookworm by Yelena Bryksenkova

Food // Wow. Individual blueberry cakes made with five ingredients. Thank you Top With Cinnamon for this wonderful recipe.

This weekend got off to a great start with my first trip to Trader Joe's. I was amazed by the delicious food, (cookie butter?!), flowers, and surprisingly affordable prices. Almost every meal I ate over the last few days was from Trader Joes. So good! I also worked on some crafts, like colorful pom poms, for an upcoming photo shoot this week. I will share more behind the scenes photos of the projects I am working on tomorrow!

Overall, it was a very productive weekend. Hopefully I can carry some of that productivity through the week.

How was your weekend? Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)

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