Pentax Film Photos from Bishop Arts District

I brought out my Pentax K1000 this weekend for a few hours spent wandering around the Bishop Arts District. Even though it was surprisingly cold, the sun was shining and it was the perfect day to look through my camera lens and capture things I usually overlook. When I decide to shoot with film, I worry about losing my digital safety net and assume all of the photos will come out blurry and imperfect. However, I love taking my time with film, focusing the lens, framing the shot, and crossing my fingers that the picture I take accurately reflects the subject in front of me. There is no digital screen to view the images and no option to go back and fix any mistakes. That's why a few successful shots from a roll of film are far more rewarding than the 158 digital photos I usually upload to my computer.

I wish I could visit this area of town more often. I had a great brunch at Oddfellows, explored a pretty flower shop, and found two amazing bikes parked outside of the shops. How cool is that two-seater bike? It looks like it would be pretty tricky to ride.

I love the cheerful colors in this batch of photos. Just a few happy memories from a weekend of trying new things and experimenting with film.

Do you have a film camera? Why do you like shooting with film?