Weekend Plans 2/15 - 2/17

Happy Friday!

First of all, I am blown away by all of the amazing photos sent in for the Sheepish Heart Bomb yesterday! Thank you so much for participating and spreading the word. I love looking at all of your little hearts on Instagram and Twitter. It is amazing to see so many acts of kindness shared all over the world. I was surprised to discover that a Cambridge news website reported on the heart bombs in their town! Crazy! I look forward to seeing more photos this weekend. I will share the results of the Sheepish Heart Bomb in a blog post on Monday. Hopefully I can get all of the photos together. :)

I am thankful for yet another crafty weekend ahead. I have some Valentine candy to eat, projects to work on, and new bath goodies to enjoy. Here's what I have planned...

- I found a few rolls of black and white 120mm film in the back of one of my desk drawers. It is time to dust off Diana and snap some photos.

- Hopefully I will have time to finish the sweater makeovers I have been experimenting with for the last few weeks. I also have some creative plans for an old t-shirt.

- I have some spring knit and crochet projects to finish.

- New mugs for my morning coffee and evening tea.

- I can't wait to use my new Lush bath fizz, Ocean Salt scrub, and Dream Cream lotion. What a relaxing combination.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! What do you have planned?

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