Last Minute Valentine - I Love You More Than Tea

Thanks to my afternoon cup of tea and a little bit of paper, I was inspired to make a few last minute Valentines for my friends and family. "I love you more than tea" is a pretty bold statement coming from a tea-obsessed person like myself. It's true though. :) 
You will need...
- A tea bag
- 5 in x 5 in (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm) square of paper
- Extra paper for the hearts
- Scissors
- Tape or stickers
- Pencil and marker

First, draw a heart on the paper and cut it out. Trace the heart on the paper and cut out a second heart. Next, remove the tea tag from the string. Add a dot of glue to one of the hearts. Place the end of the string on top of the glue and cover with the second heart. Press together tightly and allow to dry.
Take the paper square and fold each corner to the center. Write your message on the front of the envelope. Place the tea bag inside and seal with a sticker or piece of tape. 

The best part about this valentine is how good it smells! I know Valentine's Day is practically here, but maybe you have some time tonight or tomorrow to make a few for friends and family.

Have a great Valentine's Day! If you are participating in the Sheepish Heart Bomb tomorrow I look forward to seeing your photos.

Did you make any valentines this year?

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