Try Something New January // Bake a cake for no reason at all!

Earlier this month I shared my simple goal for the year. I want to keep up with what I started in 2012 and push myself to try new things, both big and small. I think trying new things brought me out of my comfort zone and created some really great opportunities last year. The best part about this challenge is that trying something new doesn't have to mean "huge". New experiences can be found in the smallest places.

This month I decided to start small, forget about any "consume less sugar after the holidays" thoughts and bake a cake for absolutely no reason. No birthday, no holiday, no get-together...just for fun. It's a little easier to bake small things like cookies for no reason and I do that often. In my mind a cake always involves an event or special occasion of some kind. For months I have been itching to try this lemon cake with black tea frosting and candied lemons from Honey & Jam. However, I never had a reason to bake it so I just put the recipe aside.

What's a better reason than a frustrating weekday to bake a cake? I finally decided to take some time and use the recipe I have been dreaming about for months. A baked good that tastes like a cup of tea? Yes please. This cake took a little longer to make than I expected. The cake, homemade frosting, lemon glaze, and candied lemons took up most of my morning, but it was worth it. Not only is the cake delicious but this baking break showed me that I don't have to wait for a special occasion to do something. I can seize the day, the opportunity, the idea, and even the cake without any reason at all. I don't have to wait around for the perfect moment. Maybe I can make the moment happen for myself. :)

Now I have a piece of cake to enjoy with my knitting later tonight and a new outlook for the year ahead. I like this challenge already.

What new things, both big and small, do you want to try this year? I am already thinking of a few ideas for February that we could do as a group if you are interested.

I hope you have a great weekend!