The Blush List - Snow Day

Knitting // Classic and warm, the "Effortless" sweater pattern from Quince & Co.
Crochet // I love this idea for storing stacks of granny square blankets.
Etsy // Counting sheep to help you sleep. Pillowcase from Kin Ship Press.
Style // Kathryn's winter wonderland walk looks so dreamy and cozy in her warm layers. 
Art // A beautiful scarf illustration by Emma Leonard

Food // Black tea + honey + muffins = the perfect combination! I can't wait to try this recipe from Chasing Delicious.

I have my fingers crossed for another snow day this winter. I feel a little greedy wishing for anything more than the magical white Christmas we received, but I can't help dreaming of a few more snowflakes. My ideal snow day involves all of the above: sweaters, blankets, sleeping, snowy walks, scarves, and baking. Hopefully the chilly grey skies over Texas will turn to snow once more before the season is over.

It was a mostly rainy weekend over here, which unfortunately brought my productivity to a minimum. I did venture out in the rain to an antique shop and found some crochet project inspiration. Other than that, I am looking forward to the Golden Globes, a new episode of Downton Abbey tonight and, of course, the new week ahead. :)

How was your weekend? Did you work on any new projects?

Happy Sunday to you!

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