My Little Workspace

Art sources (from left to right) - Oana Befort - The Black Apple - Weather and Noise - Ello Lovey - The Black Apple - Vintage

I like to think that even the smallest spaces can hold the biggest dreams. At least, I hope that is true in my case. Using a mishmash of furniture, art, and organizational supplies that were not getting much use, I finally pieced together a tiny corner where I can work and hopefully bring a few dreams into reality. I wouldn't exactly call it a studio. This space simply consists of a desk and a bookcase. However, I finally have a place to organize and display my cameras, knitting and crochet books, and craft magazines.  I waited far too long to create this little space, hang up my prints, and fully acknowledge the work I put into this blog. Now that I have a temporary workspace, I can't wait to see what comes together in this little corner.

I am excited to work on more freelance opportunities, adding patterns and other new things to my shop, and a few other very exciting projects in the coming months! If you need me, you will find me here, my head buried in a mass of yarn or my fingers quickly typing across the keys. This new space, no matter how small, is already inspiring me to work harder and dream bigger.

Do you have a workspace for your craft or blog? I would love to see photos of your space if you blogged about it recently!