Crochet Edge Calendar

The first month of the new year is almost over and it was just last week when I finally took down my 2012 calendar, with December Christmas trees still displayed, and replaced it with this 2013 free download from Emma Magazine. The organized desk objects and glasses grabbed me immediately. It reminds me of my Weekend Plans photos. :) I usually get the calendars that you flip over for a new design each month, but seeing the whole year in front of me is a nice change.

It looked like it was missing something when I taped the piece of paper to my wall. What was missing? Yarn, of course. What doesn't need a little yarn? I used my crochet edge on paper tutorial and made this calendar my own. I added a crochet chain so I could hang it up and now it looks like a piece of framed art! I love the cheerful yellow yarn and the scallop edge. This was a really simple weekend craft that will be nice to look at all year long!

Have you tried crocheting on paper? Last year I made handmade crochet cards out of recycled paper for Valentine's Day and they were a big hit!