2013 Goal - Keep Trying New Things

When I look back on 2012 the moments that stand out the most are all of the new things I tried last year. Even during the different phases of my life where I felt the most comfortable and stable, I've never been the best at putting myself out there. Combine my routine-loving self with the strange in-between time period that I entered after graduating college, life could have easily become very still as I searched for whatever is supposed to come next. I'm sure any recent graduates or anyone going through a major life change will agree. Even though some days I didn't feel up to it, consistently trying new things throughout the year kept me feeling inspired and pushed me forward as I enter this new chapter of my life. 
I tried new things both big and small. I used some yarn to makeover a sweater when I didn't have time to knit one, went on my first solo trip to NYC, traveled to Europe, spent the day with a pen pal, met some really sweet bloggers for tea...
...GRADUATED (yay!!), experimented with different kinds of film photography, tried paper embroidery, organized a yarn bombing day, shot a fun baking video, and ran a 5k. I also had my work published for the first time, started freelancing, and connected with a lot of really great people I admire. These are just a few of the moments that pushed me out of my personal and creative comfort zone and I am so thankful I gave each one a try. So instead of attempting to stick to a list of specific resolutions I decided to pick up where I left off in 2012 and try one new thing a month this year. I hope to finally join (or maybe start?) a knitting club, take a cooking class, create an inspiring workspace, tackle new business adventures, and say "yes" to things that tend to make me a little nervous. 
Hopefully I will try more than 12 new things in 2013, but who knows what will cross my path this year. That's the fun/scary part, right? All I know as of right now is that I will continue trying new things that I didn't try the year before.
If you want to join my monthly challenge let me know! Maybe we could organize a few group challenges. What are you excited about trying this year?