Sweater Makeover - New Collar, Crochet Buttons, and Knit Pockets

It's hard to believe that just a few days ago this was a plain, grey, clearance rack sweater. Ever since I added the heart elbow patches to one of my old sweaters I have been dreaming up ways to transform other sweaters into something unique. Since most of the sweaters I like are either way too expensive or are time consuming knitting projects, it's great when I can use a little yarn to make a dream sweater come to life. Haha...dream sweater? Yes. I dream about sweaters. 
I decided to combine my love of sweaters with my love of collars and make a cardigan look-alike. I have to admit, as the different parts of the makeover came together, I got really excited. When a doodle in my journal becomes a reality, in a small way, it is really rewarding.
I started by embroidering around the inside of the collar using a chain stitch. Then I measured the width of the neck and sketched a collar shape that I liked on a piece of paper. Next, I pinned the pieces of the collar to the sweater and embroidered all the way around, following the shape of the collar. 
I crocheted the buttons by chaining 2 and then adding 6 single crochet to the second chain from the hook. I sewed the buttons down the front of the sweater. For the pockets, I simply knit two 4x4 inch squares and sewed them to the front. 

We had our first freeze last night so it is definitely sweater weather. It looks like it is going to be a cold winter here in Texas. Maybe I should make a few more color combinations? ;)

I love how this project turned out! It is so fun to take an inexpensive sweater and make it my own.