My Etsy Packaging

One of my favorite parts of having an Etsy shop is the ability to see the item through, from start to finish. I love carefully packing an item, thinking about where it will end up and who is going to open it. I often wish I could pack myself up along with my items and visit a new city or country!

I thought I would share a few peeks at what I use to package my products. For most packages I use the stickers with my logo, handmade labels, colorful tapes, packing paper, note cards, and a little yarn to tie it all together. I type all of my thank you notes on a typewriter too! I love the look of the cursive script. It feels like I am typing a letter to an old friend. :)

With the holidays fast approaching, I'm all set for packing up ornaments over the next few weeks! Also, I will be listing new colors in my shop today and tomorrow.

I hope you had a great week! I can't believe it is almost the weekend. I'm pretty sure time moves faster around the holidays because there is so much to do!

What kinds of materials do you use to package your products or gifts?